Welcome to Hearing New England

This fully independent private Audiology clinic is located in Armidale in the heart of the New England.  Locally owned and operated by Leanne  Betterridge, a university qualified Audiologist who also has a Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of New England.  Leanne is an experienced Audiologist with extensive knowledge about the speech signal and why it may become difficult to understand.

The impact of hearing loss is usually noticed when people start avoiding social situations because they cannot understand what is being said.  Loving a chat herself, Leanne wants to help people to enjoy these situations again and stay involved socially.  Often invited to give talks to our local community groups, Leanne is more than willing to help people learn good "listening tactics".  Leanne is also experienced with hearing aid fitting and providing ongoing support for individual hearing needs.

For a consultation with Leanne simply call 6772 8382 for an appointment.


Diagnostic Hearing Assessments : Full diagnostic Pure Tone Audiogram and Speech Audiometry assessment. This includes provision of medical report when appropriate.

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